About Me

Hi, I'm Jo Eckstein.

Just like you, my life is crazy busy.

I'm really good at what I do because I live a life that is VERY overwhelming, and that isn't changing anytime soon.

For almost 15 years I have cared for my chronically ill hubby who has severe fatigue with concentration and memory issues.

I am a homeschooling mama to almost teen, autistic twins.

I run my business, and my home, and to add to the mix, I have an ADHD brain.

My family has been isolating since the beginning of the COVID times, so 24/7, four people for nearly four years.


Over the last 30 years I have worked with people of all neurotypes and genders to assist them in making changes in their lives.

I have qualifications and experience in many different areas - health (alternative/ natural), coaching, alchemy, magic, image & style, AND most importantly, I live this, every single day.

I help people who are overwhelmed shift the chaos and confusion, to create a life with more ease and calm, even if the outside circumstances won't be changing.

I See You

Overwhelm is taking your life, leaving you exhausted, depleted and miserable.

You WANT things to change but you just don't know exactly what, or how, or where to start. You've tried so many things and you are scared nothing will ever work.

Honestly even the thought of changing things is way too much. You feel like it is literally IMPOSSIBLE.

You just want it all to STOP.

I can help you banish overwhelm and create a life that works for you, despite the circumstances you find yourself in.

It’s hard to imagine a positive future when you are living moment by moment, and feeling like you are wading through mud, BUT it doesn't have to stay this way.

I Can Help You

  • To get unstuck - a plan to help you move forward, including knowing where to start.

  • Practical strategies to start to cope with the mountain of things you need to manage.

  • Structures and schedules - in particular a schedule that includes time for yourself.

  • Help with organizing everything.

  • A way through overwhelm, and a way to find time for yourself, even when others matter more. (or seem to anyway).

  • To feel calmer and more relaxed.

  • To feel heard and seen - connection and support.

  • To find your spark and remember who you are again (or to create a new you)

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I am not a therapist. If you are struggling with mental health issues or are in crisis please contact the support services in your area. If you feel you are in danger contact emergency services.

You matter. Please take care of yourself

Contact: jo@joeckstein.com
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