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From Chaos and Confusion to Clarity and Calm

I currently offer Private Sessions and courses as the way for us to work together.

In the sessions we explore: where you are at, where you need help and then we come up with strategies and tools to assist you in creating the result you would love.

When you are exhausted and overwhelmed you don't have the capacity or the energy for learning lots of new things, or to make massive changes.

The focus of the sessions is to give you practical strategies and tools that will make a difference immediately - simple and easy to implement ideas.

Our session is a safe judgement-free space to talk about your current situation.

Together we develop a a plan to help you create a life that works for you, with support to put it all into practice.

What I can Help You With:

  • Emergency Triage strategies for when you feel like you are drowning. Simple, easy to implement practices.

  • Determining what is triggering your overwhelm and then addressing those triggers to prevent and minimise the effect.

  • Prioritising and organising your schedule to work FOR you, in a sustainable and realistic way (even when you hate schedules).

  • Finding ways to let go of what isn't working for you.

  • Meal Planning - possible even when you have particular / picky kids or limited diets.

  • A do-able plan for decluttering, organising and cleaning your home.

  • Setting up daily / weekly and monthly rhythms and routines

  • Strategies for swapping between roles eg work and home that are quick and easy for you.

  • Strategies for managing as a caregiver without becoming overwhelmed or experiencing burnout.

  • Creating a Self nourishment and replenishment plan.

  • Micro-rituals to bring more calm into your day.

  • Finding enchantment and joy - determining what you love and helping you find ways to bring that into your life.

Some of the People I have Helped:

A completely overwhelmed and exhausted person who felt like everything was too much. We implemented easy, simple and quick to do practices to start to calm down their nervous system. We then focused on nurturing and nourishing activities to replenish them. The result was a calmer, less tired person who was then able to look at strategies to minimise overwhelm.

An Overwhelmed Mum of Neurodiverse kids - together we organised a schedule that worked for the family. Changes made included - schedule boards, meal planning , date time booked in the schedule, decluttering to reduce the kids overwhelm. Result was a happier, more relaxed, mum, a more organised home AND the rest of the family was calmer too.

A Neurodiverse Working Person who was struggling to complete their work each day due to executive function issues. We set up a plan for each day, prioritised tasks and created a schedule, with rituals for shifting between roles. The outcome was a more focused and efficient week, so less stress and overwhelm.

An Exhausted Caregiver for a loved one with memory issues - Together we prioritised all the responsibilities, tasks and roles, and created a schedule that included time for the caregiver. They implemented tools and strategies such as schedule and reminder boards which made a huge difference in their daily life. By also ensuring they took time to pursue their interests and hobbies (gardening) the result was a happier, more nourished caregiver.

The world in general is overwhelming and way too much right now. Taking care of ourselves is therefore extra important,

so I am reducing my fees for all packages booked.Prices shown below are the reduced fee.

Book A Session Package

Focus - $100 USD

A private Online Session, held via Zoom, to focus on a particular issue.

It includes:

* A pre-consultation form to provide all details so we can make the most of our time together.

* 1 x 60 minute Zoom call and the recording

* Summary and appropriate suggestions emailed after the call.

Focus Sessions can be booked as often as you require.

Clarity - $300 USD

A package of 3 sessions that enables us to really clarify your needs and make changes.

We can either focus on different areas or dig deeper into making changes in a specific challenging area.

This package includes everything from the Focus package with 3 Zoom sessions in total, plus email follow-up between sessions.

The Clarity package can be booked as often as you require.

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Emergency Overwhelm Busting - a 28 day program with practices and tools to use when you are so overwhelmed you feel you are drowning. Easy to implement ideas with immediate benefits.

Banishing Overwhelm Journey - strategies for removing and preventing overwhelm. Creating a life with more ease and calm.

Adapting To A Changed Life - a course for New Carers / Caregivers

Meal Planning for the Overwhelmed and Unorganised.

Social Coffee And Chat Online Meets

Caring Community Membership - a space for Caregivers to prioritize ourselves and learn how to care from a place of nourishment.

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